Interracial Dating


My parents back in the 1980s.

Let’s talk about something everyone thinks about: dating.

Ah yes, dating! When will it happen? Who will it be? Is he or she the right “one?” Everyone who isn’t in a relationship thinks about dating often, especially when they see that their friends have boyfriends or girlfriends.


But here’s something I bet you would have never really thought about. People tend to date within their own race.

Now me, I’m a walking contradiction of that. But, generally, people do not venture into other races. Why is that? Why do we not date the Asian guy or the Latina girl? Is it because I’m Black or because I’m Native American?

I went to a group meeting at the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival in Seattle. The theme focused on being HAPA (hapa originally meant a person mixed with Hawaiian, Asian, or Pacific Islander ethnicities and, at times, was used in a derogatory sense.) The people running the event focused on mixed races, not just people mixed with Asian or Pacific Islander blood. And there was a panel discussion that focused on being half one race and half another.

During the meeting, a brave girl stood up to the microphone and said that she had dated white guys, she had dated Asian guys, but neither had seemed to fit. She asked the panel of young adults on stage who should she be dating.

Who do you think she should be dating? Should she pursue one type of guy? Should she pursue a mixed guy like her? Should she just sit and wait to be pursued by any type of guy?

My best friend and I had this talk a long time ago. She told me the chances of me dating within my own race were pretty slim, and I agreed. Where was the pool of half black half German guys I could choose from? And from that miniscule group, how many would gel with me?

Here’s something else to ponder: Isn’t it strange that we look but don’t touch? I know girls who will say that a certain guy is cute, but could not see themselves marrying him based on race. So despite the fact that he’s attractive, smart, stylish, funny, and has a good personality, some people still let race get in the way?

I’m gonna throw something out there and you tell me what you think: maybe the reason why people don’t date outside of their race is because they are intimidated by culture. Hear me out. If someone you are dating has a strong sense of culture in terms of food, music, family life, etc. wouldn’t you be a little scared? Or at least a bit overwhelmed at first? Isn’t it just more convenient and easier to date someone you don’t have to explain your entire way of life to because, hello! They live it too. I’ve definitely thought about that. If I were to date a black guy, I wouldn’t have to explain my food, music, dad’s side of the family, etc. to him. And he wouldn’t have to explain anything to me either because I would understand the dynamics of a black family household.

But there are severe downfalls to dating outside of your race as well. WARNING! Please do not read any further unless you truly see yourself dating outside of your own race. Reality can be hurtful. Believe me.

He can’t just be dating her because she’s a cool person. He’s got to have some sort of fetish.

Story time:I was kinda dating this half Filipino, half white guy two years ago, and when we were hanging out once, he told me that his friends were laughing and joking with him. They said that he had JUNGLE FEVER because he was interested in me.


*Jungle fever? Yea, because I come from the jungle? The jungles of Seattle, maybe, but seriously? Why is it that you have to have jungle fever or yellow fever or Spanish fever or whatever if you do want to date someone outside of your race?*

This stuff can get really deep and really hurtful. It can challenge and even shake the most confident person.

So I want to know what you guys think about interracial dating. Not marriage…that’s a whole OTHER discussion. Just dating. Are there questions you wanted to ask but never thought you could? Have you dated outside of your race? Was it successful? Did the clash of races get in the way? Do you think I’m just buggin’ out and shouldn’t even worry about this? Let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Interracial Dating

  1. Michelle, I’m loving your blog! Keep up the good work. I just have to tell you I have proudly dated outside my race and culture, several times, and it was always awesome! I dated a guy who was mixed like you, one parent black, one white. I also dated one guy who was black, and I’ve had TWO Latin lovers – snap! 🙂 And I dated a German guy and married a Jew. I’m not saying this to brag like look at my collection, but because I want to affirm that dating outside your culture, being friends with people who are different than you are, is awesome. Sure, there’s a learning curve, but I love learning new things! I can also affirm that, having dated cross-racially and cross-culturally, people totally judge you on both sides and it’s really hard and sucky. When will people stop seeing the world and each other this way, like we’re all threats to one another or something?

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